Autumn transitions and morning rituals


With the first true autumn air having arrived in the Chicago area this past week, I get to revel in my favorite season. I always savor every moment of fall, particularly because it is so very short-lived here.

For me, it’s a great time to capture some of that beautiful fall color (so much of it is at our feet, on the sidewalk, and I just can’t stop taking pictures of leaves!), to reflect on where I am in my life and what’s next for me, and to notice how my inner landscape mirrors the changes I see in the natural world.

I am also reminded in the fall of the importance of a morning ritual to my overall well-being. (Since my morning ritual involves walking and, sometimes, “sit spotting” — taking a seat somewhere and simply noticing what is around me — the gorgeous color and crisp air enhances the experience for sure.)

My clients also tell me regularly that when they create a morning ritual — or return to one — they feel more balanced, more grounded, more soothed and more hopeful.

It’s easy to dismiss our need for ritual in a culture that values “busy”. But when we do, we often find more chaos showing up in our lives (both internal and external!).

I talk more about the specifics of my morning ritual in the video below, but I’ll add that I have a couple of guidelines for myself when it comes to my morning ritual:

• I keep it simple. Nothing overly structured or complicated. The morning ritual must be easy and enjoyable.

• I must complete my morning ritual before I engage with technology. No internet or phone calls until my morning ritual is done. (Obviously, on occasion life will dictate that I deviate from this guideline — that’s why I call it a guideline and not a rule! The key is to stick to it most of the time, for my own well-being.)

In the video below, I talk a bit about morning rituals and why they’re particularly important for sensitive people (and introverts!) and to our creative process.

P.S. If you are in transition this fall and need some support in navigating that “in-between” space, I’d love to help.  Check out my specially-priced Autumn Transition Coaching Sessions here. You can sign up for one through Nov. 1, 2016.

Do you have a morning ritual? What do you value about it? I’d love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn transitions and morning rituals

  1. My morning ritual is to get up, get dressed in gym clothes and take the dogs for a walk. It’s always a great time of day to be out. Few people, lots of bird activity, and the sun coming up. Then the day can begin. Great post, Jill.

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    • What a wonderful morning ritual, Joan. I totally agree that early morning is a great time of day to be out. And (although I don’t have a dog), I always love seeing dogs and their people on my own walks! Dogs have such happy energy. Thanks so much for sharing, always love to hear from you. 🙂


  2. Jill, it’s great to see your face and hear your voice! Thank you for sharing this video. My current morning ritual involves cuddling with the cat over breakfast, then taking some quiet time to set intentions and read before getting dressed and walking over to the library to begin writing. It seems to work best if I give myself time to wake up gently, but not linger too long inside. Like you, if I don’t do that short walk fairly early in the day I feel “off” for hours afterward! Thanks for the encouragement to get up and moving.

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    • Thanks, Caroline! I thought I would change things up a little with a video this time. 🙂 I love your morning ritual! That walk to the library sounds like a nice transition to your “writing space”. (And libraries are such soothing places, I’ve always found.) I totally hear you about giving yourself time to wake up gently. That’s important for me, too. And the kitty cuddles are a must, of course!

      Wonderful to hear from you — sending good juju for your writing process!


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