Is this you?


This place where you are right now

God circled on a map for you


* * * *

You’re sensitive and highly creative. (People may have called you “too sensitive” when you were a kid, or even an adult! And you probably liked to go off by yourself and write, draw, or just imagine.)

You crave authenticity and long to show up more fully in the world — but sometimes you’re not quite sure how to do that.

You have very specific, and complex, self-care needs — and sometimes you wonder if they can ever be met.

You may struggle with:

* Getting started on your goals and dreams

* Periodic, or even daily, overwhelm that causes you to feel like you’re never moving forward

* Understanding how to separate your wants and needs from the wants and needs of others

* “Hiding out” so you don’t get even more overwhelmed or overstimulated

* Moving from project to project without bringing any of them to completion

* Burnout, both physical and emotional

You may be:

* an introvert

* a highly sensitive person (HSP)

* a writer or artist who is in transition with your creative work, and/or feeling stuck, isolated, or unsupported

* a “scanner” (someone who needs to have several projects going at once or you get bored; you may feel the need to quickly move from project to project)

* someone who struggles with perfectionism and its “evil twin,” procrastination

* someone who has struggled with (or currently struggles with) a chronic illness

Your need for support is also complex.

(Mantras like “Just do it!” often don’t work for you. And sometimes, when you reach out for support, you feel misunderstood or even more confused by the support offered!)

You may notice that what works really well for someone else just doesn’t work for you at all.

What DOES work is:

* More self-understanding

* Permission to go deeper

* Permission to do it in a way that works for YOU

* Compassion and kindness toward yourself

* Daily self-care and self-connection rituals that ground and support you

* Action plans that take into account BOTH your need to be seen and supported, AND your need to feel safe and to move at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm you.

I’d love to help. Since 2011, I’ve been working with beautiful and amazing sensitive, creative folks who long to live more true to who they are and to put their creative work out into the world — in a way that works for them!

My mission is to help you understand yourself more deeply, learn to practice exquisite self-care so you have a strong foundation, and then take that wonderful, unique self of yours out into the world where you can do what you’re meant to do and serve the people who really need you.

“If I had one phrase to describe Jill’s coaching technique, I would have to call her a practical mystic. Not only does she intuitively know the direction to guide each of her clients, Jill is able to integrate the practical matters of helping her clients know their own goals and then create practical, achievable steps to make them come true. Being able to utilize those two talents makes working with Jill a superb experience.” ~ Paddy Fievet, Ph.D., teacher and author 

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Above image is “Poppies” © Belka | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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