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Sometimes it’s comforting to be half-under the couch. And it’s okay.

“When I’m struggling in the depths of feeling stuck, I set up a session with Jill. She has this combination of empathy and shining a light on my ‘stuff’ that helps me make a true shift in a short period of time.” ~ Jamie, writer and visual artist

* * *

I help sensitive people who are feeling stuck, vulnerable or overwhelmed take better care of themselves so they can put their amazing creative gifts out into the world. I help them become more of who they are (and, perhaps more importantly, let go of who they’re not!) so they can show up more authentically in their lives.

I went through coach training with Martha Beck, who has written many books I love (and who prefers to call her coaches “wayfinders”, since that’s what we aim to be — guides who help you find your way). I am a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and I use many of Martha’s techniques as well as The Work of Byron Katie when I work with my clients.

I am also a Certified Integrative Health Coach, having received my training through Duke Integrative Medicine. I believe that our physical health is exquisitely connected to our emotional and spiritual health — our whole being. This is the premise upon which integrative health coaching is founded.


So … does this sound like you??

*Do you call yourself a “perfectionist” or a “procrastinator” and feel that these “conditions” cause you a lot of pain? Talk to me.

* Are you a writer, artist, or artisan who feels stuck on a creative project or in your creative process? Talk to me.

*Are you introverted and/or highly sensitive, and you have a tough time just dealing with life on a daily basis, let alone creating what you want to create in the world? Talk to me.

*Do you struggle with chronic fatigue or other physical issues that make self-care extra challenging? I get it, and I’m here to help.

(You can learn more about who I help on this page.)


How I Work:

I believe that YOU are the best authority on you. You already know, deep within you, what you need — you just may not be aware of it. As a coach, I ask good questions to help you connect with the part of you that is deep and wise, the part of you that can move you forward in the best possible way.

We also work together to create plans of action that are based on the needs and desires of your essential self. My coaching is anchored in a place of compassion, gentleness, and encouragement. I do not practice “tough love” and I’m not a fan of the phrase “just do it.” I believe we need to be willing to allow our individual processes to unfold, and we need the right kind of support in order to let that happen.

I also believe that when we learn to trust ourselves, our lives open up in ways we could not have possibly imagined when we were operating from fear.

Find out more about the ways we can work together here.

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What clients have to say:

“I sought Jill out for help to overcome some of my perfectionism and resulting writer’s block. Since working with her, I am so much more willing to put my writing out into the world and less crushed by feedback. A session with her is more like having a conversation with a close friend who gets me and wants only the best for me. I love Jill’s process and technique. She allows the sessions to develop organically and for themes and patterns to emerge in an unforced way. She meets me where I am, giving me permission to show my genuine self in return, and she is unafraid to share and be real. I always feel so much more centered and focused after my work with her. Do yourself a kindness and work with her.” ~ Robert Erichsen, writer

“For years I knew in the back of my mind that creating pressed flower art was my passion.  I had done some, but too often just felt uninspired and so procrastinated. But after having some sessions with Jill I have started creating again and haven’t stopped since!  For maybe the first time in my life I feel fulfilled and feel I am doing what I was meant to do.” ~ Katy Luurtsema, artist  Katy’s Dried Flower Art

“Jill creates a warm, welcoming space in which I feel safe to reveal what I’m struggling with. She doesn’t force, push, or fix. Instead, she encouraged me to go deeper and to cultivate trust in myself. During my work with her I moved from a lot of struggle (and actually almost total inertia) to feeling the confidence to perform again, and a lot more joy around it.” ~ Tricia, actor, writer and teacher

“I had never worked with a coach before and had no idea what to expect. The things I’ve discovered about myself in working with Jill have been nothing short of amazing. She truly gets what it is to be an introvert and an artist and how tricky it can be to honor our diverse needs. My work with Jill made me feel both inspired and validated and like I could move forward from a totally new place.” ~ Elizabeth, writer and teacher

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to see if we’re a good fit. Contact me at and we’ll set something up!

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