Ways We Can Work Together

I help sensitive, creative folks who are feeling stuck, vulnerable or overwhelmed move forward with their creative work and practice better self-care.

My clients are complex. When we’re complex, we often feel like we have conflicting ideas, interests, and feelings that can’t seem to co-exist, or we feel pulled in different directions and like we’re not moving forward.

I’m all about helping you integrate the different pieces of yourself, your wants, and your needs, so you can do the work you’re meant to do and engage with the world from a place of confidence in who you are — in a way that works for YOU.

I also realize that this is a process and parts of it are tough. I believe in the value of this process, and I’ll help you find ways to make it easier so you feel less stress, overwhelm, and confusion, and more peace, joy and connection to yourself.

Want to give it a try?

Check out the ways we can work together below (I do all my one-on-one coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or Zoom, so we can work together no matter where in the world you are located).

Note: I will be enrolling clients for Autumn Transition Coaching Sessions through November 30, 2019. These are one-time sessions meant to support you in making a shift this fall, and they are specially priced at $75. You can learn more about these sessions, here. My regular offerings are listed below!


Living Space Discovery Session — $95

This fifty-minute session is recommended if you want some clarity on the area (or areas) of your life where you desire change. One of the most eerily accurate ways to shed light on what needs to change in our lives is to take a look at our homes. Yes, that’s right! In this session, we’ll take a look at your living space, move through it together, and emerge with deeper understanding about where (and why) you are needing change in your life. Note: This session is NOT about your living space itself, but about what your living space reveals about who you are and where you are in your life.

It’s a great option for a first coaching session, a jumping-off point for us to do further work together, or simply a stand-alone session where you can take what you discover here and work on it yourself.


• Package of three 60-minute sessions – $450 (payment plans available)

This short-term option works well when you want to get beneath the surface of an issue you’re struggling with. You may sense your issue is something that can be solved with a shift of perspective, or maybe you’re not sure what the issue is and you need some help to uncover it. Or, you may be a returning client who has worked with me previously and you need a little “maintenance.”

This option includes email support between sessions.


• Package of six 60-minute sessions — $750 (payment plans available)

A six-session package is helpful if you need ongoing support and you value “deep diving”. In this format, we work organically, focusing both on the “internals” and the “externals” in order to shift a feeling of stuckness and bring flow to your creativity (and your life!). This option is most helpful if you are in transition and not quite sure which end is up, or where you want to go next. We will meet either weekly or every other week (depending on what feels most supportive to you).

This option includes email support between sessions.


 The Stellar Self-Care (In an Overwhelming World) Coaching Program (enrollment currently closed)

If you’re feeling burned out, overwhelmed, or like things just aren’t working for you the way they used to, you just might find this program deeply nourishing. I generally offer it once per year, with enrollment beginning in the spring. For info about the next enrollment period, feel free to sign up for my newsletter below!


If you’re unclear about what you need, a phone consultation is a great place to start. (If you’re a returning client, we don’t need to do a phone consultation unless you’d like to.)

Please note that if you’re a new client and we’ve never worked together before, I require a phone consultation so we can see if we’re a good fit. A  20- to 30-minute phone consultation for new clients is free of charge.

Have questions or want to sign up? Feel free to contact me by filling out the form below.

Not ready to work together but want to stay in touch? You’re welcome to sign up for my Artist’s Nest Newsletter, here.


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