About Jill

jillfrance2011Hi, I’m Jill Winski. I help sensitive people who are feeling stuck, vulnerable or overwhelmed take better care of themselves so they can move forward with their creative work and put their amazing gifts out into the world.

I help them become more of who they are (and let go of who they’re not) so they can show up more authentically in their lives.

I want to see a world full of people who extend kindness and compassion to themselves, and therefore to others. It all starts with our relationship to ourselves, doesn’t it?

My struggles with chronic fatigue, high sensitivity, and creative identity led me to discover the writing of Martha Beck, and to go through life coach training with her. This was an amazing process. I am a Certified Martha Beck Coach, and I love helping others through their own struggles with creativity, sensitivity, identity, and relationships. I’m deeply curious about people and what motivates them to do what they do. Or not to do what they don’t do.

A few things about me:

I’ve been journaling non-stop since I was thirteen. I can literally look up any week of my life from 1984 onward and remember exactly what was going on for me then. I’m a big believer in the power of journaling.

I have a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from the fabulous graduate writing program at Columbia College Chicago. I have written many short stories. I love writing about the subtleties and complexities in relationships that trip us up and fill us with awe. You can read an oldie-but-goodie here.

Sullivan, CEO of curiosity and relaxation

Sullivan, CEO of curiosity and relaxation

I am an introvert and an HSP.

I am owned by the bossiest and most awesome cat ever.

I love: taking meandering walks and noticing animals and trees. Cats. Capuchin monkeys. The movie Jaws (I watch it once a year on my birthday). Coffee with four creams and no sugar. Tori Amos. Watching Tara Brach’s Dharma Talks on Youtube. Wes Anderson movies. Long conversations with momentum of their own. Cats, cats, cats.

Feel free to chime in and comment on any article that speaks to you. If public comments are not your thing, I’d still love to hear from you — you’re welcome to email me with any thoughts or ideas for topics you’d like me to write about at jillwinskicoaching@gmail.com

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Find out about working with me here.

2 thoughts on “About Jill

  1. Nice to meet you (thanks to Harula’s blog and her post on sensitive and sensible). I wrote a quick little ditty about it. 🙂 And wondrously, my last post was about finding an 8th day in the week just for WONDER. Wouldn’t that be grand?

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