Autumn Transition Coaching Sessions

Are you in an “autumn transition” right about now? Have you left a job or relationship and aren’t sure what’s next? Finished a major project and feeling strangely empty? Or, do you feel like you’ve somehow gotten “stuck” while trying to make a major, or minor, change in your life?

The transition of seasons that occurs this time of year often mirrors the deep inner shifts we may be going through in our lives, our creativity, our relationships.

(Add to this that we have a ton of stuff going on in our world that is, well, to understate it quite a bit, troubling, and you realize how much your “personal” transition is connected to the world in which you live.)

These transition times are “liminal periods.” What this means is that, when any part of our lives is in transition, we are not who we used to be, and we are not yet who we are going to become. It can be an uncomfortable spot.

Whether we sense a transition is about to begin, or it is already well underway, sometimes we need someone to hold space for us, to give us deep listening, and to help connect us with our inner guidance about our next step.

Our tendency is often to cling to the old, or to rush through the transition, or, sometimes, to feel stuck “treading water” (and maybe gulping down a mouthful or two).

Your next step is calling you

Having been through some deep inner “transitioning” myself over the past couple of years, I really get how confusing it can feel to be in transition and having trouble navigating it, and I’m here to help.

In your 45-minute Autumn Transition Coaching Session, we’ll get a sense of where you are in your transition, cut through some of the murk, and zero in on what your “best next step” might look like. (Hint: it often doesn’t look like you think it will!)

These sessions are meant to bring more ease, understanding, and movement to your transition process. If you feel like you’ve been “stuck” in the same place for ages (I’ve totally been there!), or if a major change has been thrust upon you and you don’t know which end is up, these sessions are for you.

(Please note: These are short sessions, and are meant to aid you in making a shift. They are not meant to take the place of long-term coaching. If you think you’d like longer-term help with your transition, feel free to check out my Work With Me page to check out my other offerings.)

The cost of a 45-minute session is $69. This is a special coaching rate through Nov. 16, 2018, only. 

How to sign up:

Fill out the form below. Please use the comments section to let me know what’s going on for you that inspired you to sign up for a session. I’ll email you back and we’ll set up a time and date to talk, and then you’ll receive a Paypal invoice with a link for you to pay for your session. Please note I only accept Paypal payments for Autumn Transition Sessions. I hold all my coaching sessions via phone for clients within the U.S., and Skype for clients outside of the U.S.

You can sign up for an Autumn Transition Coaching Session from now through November 16, 2018. You must use your session by Dec. 31, 2018. Experience has shown me that scheduling your session quickly after you sign up usually yields the most helpful session!

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