Saturday Gratitude #5


This week’s Saturday Gratitude reminds me of the fact that, sometimes, we need other living beings to act as anchors for us. We can’t do it all alone.

Sometimes, I am spinning off into space, and I need someone to help me tether myself to the Earth.

If, like me, you tend to live “up in your head” a lot, you may need some support in grounding yourself, in coming back to your body, to the “real world” (which actually can be a lovely and nourishing place to be, even if the world in your head often seems more appealing).

Here are the grounding, tethering beings I was grateful for this week:

1) A dear friend who called unexpectedly at a perfect time to talk.

2) My amazing coach who reminded me of who I am.

3) My cat, who stretched out on my thighs while I was giving myself permission to just relax on the couch for a while yesterday afternoon. Oh, so grounding.

What are you grateful for this week? I’d love it if you’d share.

Note: My Saturday Gratitude posts will continue from here on every other Saturday.

Image is “View From a Plane,” © Alexander Briel Perez | Dreamstime Stock Photos

6 thoughts on “Saturday Gratitude #5

  1. I am grateful for my teachers, who also (like you coach) remind me who I am (and who I am not).
    I am grateful to my husband, who reins me in when I start galloping in circles.
    I am grateful to my dear sick friend, who teaches me what courage is.


  2. Ah yes, grounding! I know that ‘living in my head’ thing only too well, and I was made even more aware of how important it is to stay in touch with my body when I was on retreat recently, where one of the instructions, throughout all the meditations, was to always maintain a light attention on the whole body and any arising physical sensations. So, I’m grateful for; friends who have made me feel incredibly loved and appreciated recently, including one who’s invited me to visit her in Sweden for a holiday and offered to pay for the ticket! I’m grateful for the peace and beauty of the environment I live in, which means I can just leave my front door and go on a picturesque walk for over an hour without seeing another person (as I did yesterday). I’m grateful for poetry, those poems I write and those poems I read, all of which inspire and energise me and invite me to look at the world through sensitive, tender eyes that are attuned to beauty. Have a great week! Love and gratitude, Harula xxxxx


    • Oh, what beautiful things to be grateful for, Harula! Just reading your descriptions of them is so inspiring. I love the instruction you got during your retreat, to maintain a light attention on your whole body. Just that attention on the body truly does help with grounding and creating more balance. Thanks so much for sharing and you have a great week, too! 🙂


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