Stellar Self-Care Coaching Program

(For sensitive, creative folks — enrolling new one-on-one clients through June 22, 2018.)

You have so much to contribute to the world – AND you want to feel good on a daily basis. But there’s a lot of struggle, and you wonder now and then if you’ll ever “get there.”

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by daily life.

You may struggle with chronic fatigue or other chronic illnesses that challenge you on a daily basis.

Maybe life feels like a series of “putting out fires” and you never really move forward on anything that’s important to you. You may be so caught up in the needs of others that you forget to make yourself a priority.

You may have trouble getting started on your creative work, or get stalled in the process.

Or, maybe you’re getting your creative work out into the world but it feels overstimulating and you’re having trouble balancing private and public, personal and community.

It could also be that you are usually excellent with your self-care (it’s a strength for you!), but your life has changed recently and what worked before doesn’t quite feel like a fit for you anymore.

In my Stellar Self-Care Coaching Program, I partner with you for a four-month period to create a foundation of self-understanding and self-care for you so that you can meet the world from a place of strength and sovereignty.

Sensitive people (HSPs and many introverts and empaths) have a unique set of issues that can make daily life challenging. In order to be more of who we are, and to put more of our creativity (our true selves!) into the world, we need solid self-understanding, self-care, and support that works for us. (What works for others sometimes doesn’t feel right!)

But many of us don’t have that self-understanding, self-care, or support because a) we haven’t accepted that we can’t do things the “mainstream” way (and shouldn’t!) or b) we just don’t know how to meet our needs once we see them.

I want to help you with that! As a highly sensitive, introverted creator myself, I absolutely love working with creative, sensitive people. Some of my past clients have been the most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with – not despite their sensitivity and/or introversion, but because of it!


Starfish can regenerate “limbs” and are extremely adaptable creatures — they have “stellar” self-care abilities!

What I have learned:

Greater self-understanding leads to greater self-care, and greater self-care leads to more strength, flexibility, and willingness to show up in the world as we truly are, not as we think we “should” be.

When we show up only as we think we “should”, we create a “stress spiral” where our actions are not aligned with who we truly are.

Over time, this can be debilitating as we get further and further disconnected from ourselves. We may resort to numbing behaviors or addictions or “hiding out” in order to manage (as opposed to dissolve!) the stress of feeling disconnected from our true selves.

In this program, through our steady, gentle interaction, you will learn:

* How more self-understanding and self-compassion instantly points you to sources of stress in your life

* Self-care practices – tailored to you, of course! – that will help you dissolve stress when it arises and keep certain types of stress out of your life completely

* Ways to move forward on your creative projects regularly without falling into the perfectionism/procrastination “stress spiral”

* How to work WITH your creative energy rather than against it or feeling overstimulated by it

* How to tune into your body and intuition more easily and frequently so you can make the wisest choices for yourself

* How to let go of what’s not supporting you in your life (and how to tell what you actually NEED to let go of and what you don’t)

What you get in my Stellar Self-Care Coaching Program:

* Eight 45-minute one-on-one sessions over an approximate four-month period (we’ll meet every other week). Our work together will be a combination of teaching and coaching — I’ll share tools and concepts with you, and we’ll tailor them to you and your particular needs (I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach!). These sessions will take place on the phone if you are within the U.S., and via Skype if you are an international client.

* Email support in between sessions. If anything comes up for you that triggers questions or insights or you simply want to share an experience or feeling, email me and I will respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

* A 30-minute follow-up session, one month after our four-month program ends, where we will check in, see how you’re doing, and celebrate your successes!

The cost of the Stellar Self-Care Coaching Program is $995 (payment plans are available — just ask!). Enrollment will continue through Friday, June 22, 2018, and I will work with no more than four one-on-one clients in the program this year. Please note that this is the last year I will be offering this program at this price, so if you’ve been considering it, this might be a good time for us to talk (only if it feels right to you, of course!).

Interested in this kind of support? I can’t wait to talk to you! Use the form below to contact me for a free consultation so we can see if this work is what you’re needing.


Above image © Dariusz Sas | Dreamstime Stock Photos